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1979 ds 80

Hey all im having trouble with my little brothers 1979 ds 80 we recently got for free and we fixed it up for my little brother to ride and we always ran it 50:1 ratio and my brother decided to try 32:1 and now it will only start up and idol but will not go oil comes out of the pipe any of you guys have some suggestions on what we can do?

As always, get a mechanic to

As always, get a mechanic to look would be best, but you could try:

* Take out the sparkplug and check what its like. Is it wet, dry, grey, black or covered in oil? Just cleaning the sparkplug may get it going again.

* You could drain the fuel and putting some 50:1 back in. It may be just to rich, although i'd have thought 32:1 would be more what it would be expecting, given its age.

* Has it ever has the piston/rings done? If not, that would almost certainly be contributing to the problem, and changing those will breathe new life into a tired engine. Its not a massive job, but will take a few hours in the workshop.

Hope thats enough to get you started, but given its age, it probably needs a little tender loving care, then will give you many more hours of enjoyment, they are a great fun little bike, and I spent many hours with cousins riding one!

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