Best bike for a 13 teen year old.

Hi. Ive been riding since i was 3. I currently ride a yamaha ttr 125. I am 5'8 and weigh 170. i was wondering what 125 2 stroke would be rite for me. I mostly ride trails and ride a little bit of motocross.


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hey dude a 2 stroke is loud you should be out in the country if you have one or you might get ratted out by fussy nieghbors so 4 stroke is better.

i say either a yz250 or rm250 but if your gonna get a 125 dont get honda its just a super scooter when its a cr125 any other honda is fine

go for a suzuki, I rode all of the different types since I was 5 and had 6 bikes, suzuki jr 50cc, yamaha 80cc 4stroke , kawasaki 110cc 4stroke, suzuki RM 80cc 2stroke (which was great) kawasaki 125cc 4stroke, and my current one suzuki RM 125cc 2stroke (which is amazing), but out of all them the suzuki was and dont worrie about your hight you'll be fine, i'm 5"6 ( which is sad becase i'm almost 16) but i do just fine so go with suzuki you will not be disappointed

Hi, im 14 n i was wondering if i was to get into Dirtbike racing , what cc would i have to ride and im guesing id be in a starter class? also can you suggest a bike thanks.

You probably need a 250 I am 5'9 145 and ride a yz250 and it's great I would say a 125 is probaly not enough.

kx250 four stoke.

crf 230 eletric start will last for ever low starting gears so not much of a wheele unless trying to and decent spped with great spencion

I think you shouldn't get a 2 stroke, im 5'10 and 175 pounds and i have a CR125 and im getting rid of it because it has way to much power for me,i almost broke my back when the powerband kicked in on me, but every bike is different and every rider is 2strokes dont make good trailbikes they bog down to much, they're made to run wide open. Good Luck finding a bike

i am 13 and i have a crf100f