Fair Dinkum bike tours awesome 5 day tour

Just got back from a 5 day ride with Fair Dinkum bike tours located in Cairns Australia, it was freakin awesome. there were a group of 6 of us riders 3 of the riders brought their own Husky 2010 510"s.

Riding conditions were fantastic and the trails were the best I have ridden. Also on the ride was a journo from Australasian Dirt bike magazine, Andrew Broads Broadley, he was a great guy, he is doing a feature story so check it out in January 2011.

We rode for 5 days and every trail was a ripper, the crew were great and Dave the owner couldn't do enough to help, the Husky's had the aftermarket big tanks on them and they were a real headache, Dave had to manufacture new gaskets for the fuel pumps as the original o'ring was useless they were leaking fuel right from the 1st day, finally fixed the problem and the boys were into it.

Do yourself a favour, if you visit Cairns and want to do a dirt ride contact www.fairdinkumbiketours.com.au for the ride of your life.....

Ride on..