First impressions long term test: Alpinestars Tech 3

My old AXO boots had done very well, I think they lasted about 8 years, but with a recent broken buckle, I decided that the time had come to get a new pair of boots.

Not that I didn't try to keep the old ones, the leather had been repaired some years ago with a patch, and they've done a great job, but there were no replacement buckles available, so I had to bite the bullet and visit Bills Motorcycles to pickup a new pair.

I tried a few boots on, and settled with the Alpinestars Tech 3.

Today was the second ride I've had with the Tech 3, and I have to say that the comfort level is way in front of the old AXO boots.

The toe section is slightly taller, meaning its taken a little time to get used to with gear changes, but no biggie, and thats probably just because the old boots were so worn.

The buckle arrangement is good, I don't think its quite as easy to use as the old AXO, but its very close, so not a problem.

I'm hoping these will last quite a while, and am looking forward to putting in the hard yards riding to give them a good workout ;-)

Thanks to Bills Motorcycles and Alpinestars.