ISDE 2009 - Ready to Ride Orange in Portugal?

With the promise of a full blown summer and the joys of the great outdoors calling, its time to start planning for the International Six Days Enduro (ISDE), the oldest 'off road' motorcycle event on the FIM calendar.
Being held in and around Figueria da Foz on the central coast of Portugal from October 12-17, 2009, this annual event, eagerly awaited by all Enduro enthusiasts, is a unique opportunity to test personal riding skills against the elements and nature while enjoying six days of unparalleled camaraderie with like-minded people.

The perfect machine for the ISDE
KTM is once again a partner of this classic event that was first held in 1913 and it goes without saying that all KTM Six Days participants have the opportunity to either buy or hire the ideal, made-to-measure machine. Based on the new 2010 EXC model series, the special Six Days edition is equipped with a whole range of special features for this incomparable event.

Rental Bikes, Spare Parts and Special Race Service
Racing is in the blood and is the shared passion of all those with a relationship to the Orange cult-brand, Austrian made machines. That's why in 2009, KTM offers again full support to riders who want to share this unique experience. KTM, together with KTM Spain is offering exclusive leasing of the KTM EXC Six Days motorcycle. All KTM riders will also be able to take advantage of the KTM spare parts service. Again this year KTM and KTM Spain are also offering customers a limited number of race service packages to ensure participants can get down to the serious business of riding, competing and having fun in a great atmosphere.

KTM Paddock and Technical Training
Orange will be again the dominant colour for the KTM Paddock presence in Portugal for the official KTM Support Team, KTM's professional factory team and KTM Spain. Here KTM writes "Service" with a capital "S" to ensure all orange riders get the maximum pleasure and satisfaction out of their IDSE experience. In addition, the KTM Support Team will be offering a technical workshop with the professional mechanics on the rest day before the official start of the race. This follows on from the successful introduction of this activity in Serres, Greece at the 2008 ISDE. KTM riders will be shown how to get the best out of their bikes over the entire six days and as well as tips on fundamental changing of tyres and air filters etc., there will also be advice on how best to handle each of the race stages.

Be one of the KTM Toughest Club Riders
KTM has always understood that committed riding takes heart and guts. That is why there is going to be an additional unofficial competition to find the six KTM Toughest Club Riders. At the conclusion of the race, each of the top riders will be presented with a unique award by the KTM factory riders, this item is not purchaseable!

ISDE Online
The countdown to this great classic event will be constantly documented in the KTM Racing section of - Racing - Enduro sub-section. Enthusiasts will be able to follow all the news in the run-up to the ISDE, including special information on the team presentation, behind the scenes news and views and all the specs for the KTM Six Days motorcycle will come soon.