National Enduro Series - 5th round West Point, TN

Defending Champion, Shock Doctor/KTM rider Russell Bobbitt won his third race of the season at the fifth round of the AMA National Enduro Series.

Bobbitt controlled the race from start to finish winning four of the six special tests. The other two tests were won by his teammate, eight-time National Enduro Champion, Mike Lafferty. "I had a good day and felt great. My KTM was running perfect and the course conditions were really good," commented Bobbitt.

Lafferty had a few problems getting his bike set up properly after he decided to switch bikes this weekend. "We got the bike running perfect by the end of the race but unfortunately I struggled with my set up early on," stated Lafferty. After sitting in 3rd for the majority of the race, Lafferty put together two great tests near the end of the day to take 2nd overall.

With five rounds down, Bobbitt leads Lafferty by 10 points in the championship chase. The next round will take place in Upton, Wyoming on June 21, 2009.

Overall Results
1. Russell Bobbitt - KTM
2. Mike Lafferty - KTM
3. Jason Raines
4. Nick Fahringer
5. Brad Bakken - KTM
6. Wally Palmer
7. Dustin Gibson
8. Cole Kirkpatrick - KTM
9. Jeff Melik
10. Rory Sullivan

Overall Points
1. Russell Bobbitt - 136
2. Mike Lafferty - 126
3. Brad Bakken - 90
4. Jason Raines - 79
5. Nick Fahringer - 72