Gangsta 4 Wheeler


we bad

that bike is not cute and why do you have it for show it is not going to get you any girls. That thing is a mess

the 4 wheeler is sweet dont diss it or ill diss i faggets hes awsum pimpen it out with the sweet ass tires ya hurrd

sweet ride

Why would you be so stupid as to put those ugly ass tires on a sweet ATV. You have gotta be smokin some serious dope to do something like that. Why don't you use your head for something and put a body kit on it and make it look sweet.

What sorta dickhead would put dumbass street rims on a DIRTBIKE what is the bo with these druged up dickhead to wreck a good bike like that, that atv doesn't come outa the shop with a foot of suspension travel to be ridden on supersmooth bitumen, get in the dirt and hammer it, that quad is made fast enough to suck the paint of ur house when u ride pass and you pot heads stuff it with million dollar mags

So who's tax dollars paid for those?


man that thang is so tight how much did those cost

that thing is quare when did you get the tires the first of the month

sick brother im from down under

Ohhhh my gizzawd thios thang id da sheeeznnitti biatches dis tang is like jo yo so coo jo like yeya boo dis tang eed da shiz!

Howly Shiat BEE dis defnitly id da uh uh uh sheez yo. I C-C-Cant beelide day poot dows reyims owan dat fo-willa! YYeeyaya

1st of all its not a dirtbike........its a freaken ATV foolz
2nd those rims are hot
3rd all yall punkass wannabe gangstas couldent afford those

rock that 4 -wheeler is the shit you guys who diss it are faags everything he said is true ya dumbasses

wow, i hope you enjoy replacing blown clutches because that quad wasn't meant to turn wheels that big.

i saw wats u said bout the 4 wheeler lol gangsta wannabes good one lol
Love Em XoXoXoXo

i bet anyone could there probably plastic ahah

hey, thats hot and im a chik and i'd love to get pick up by that its wicked
look at the shocks imagine doin a wheelin in that wow
Love Em XoXoXoXo

dnt even try n dis da quad da manz a gangsta whu ownz it big up yaself 4 kittin it up wiv dem fly rimzzzzzzz

hey u see the cop in the top right hand cornor, that tells u something is going on

get that pice of shit off this web sit that is the stupdist thing i have ever seen in my life.did u steal it is that y the cop is behind you or does he think it is stupid too.

that bike is GAY ASS!!!!!!!! who in their fucking right mind would put fucking rims like that on a bike you can't licence because it doesn't have blinkers or anything, and if you tried to ride that off road it would get it's ass whooped. besides they stole those rims, everyone knows that a nigger can't work to earn money.

hahahahahahaah amen lol the cop is about to arrest him dont you c the cop in the back round lol.

u cant ride it on the street, the cops are on you like flies on poo, and where are u gonna ride a bike like that

that thing is freakin retarded moron

only a black person would love that piece of shit. thats probably the only thing he owns and hes prob got like 6 kids and thier mom is a dumpsterslut. And the only reason he has something like that is cuz he stole the 4 wheeler and then he saved up his welfare checks for like 5 months just to buy those fucked up rims.