How do cr-85s ride ?

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How do cr-85s ride ?

I want to know about the cr-85 im deciding on wether to buy it or not im 5 feet tall and 100lb

cr 85's have som e kick arse
cr 85's have som e kick arse power but ktm's are better
ya but do u know anything abo
ya but do u know anything about the bike im not realy looking at ktms right now but maybe that would be an option but right now im looking at the cr-85
yeah my mate has a cr85 its p
yeah my mate has a cr85 its prety good just get what u can
sweet thanks but ya ill thin
sweet thanks but ya ill think about that ktm though well idk yet haha
85 go the YZ
the yz is better than the cr85 but just not as good as the ktm, go for the yamaha yz85
i already rode a yz-85 but i
i already rode a yz-85 but i didnt like how it rode i mean i dont know if it was because it was all stock or what but i didnt like it
ktms are mad but out of honda
ktms are mad but out of honda and yamaha go yamaha they go hard
cr 85
crackin bike mate my mate bougght his son a brand new one last year its a nice bike.....never rode the ktm85 tho ...i ride a ktm125 tho thats a nice bike
Honda's are better!!
Yeah right! Honda's are like 1000 times better I ride a honda CR250! And I'm a girl. and a XR 250 and it's hella fast!
bout hondaz
ktms are beter but cost fukin heep of cash
Cr 85
I own a cr85 and I love the thing mines all tricked out though go look at the modifications gallery I have black acerbis plastics a rear 51 tooth chain and a front 14 tooth with a gold oz bacing chain and a pro circuit platinum series expansion chamber with an r304 silencer with pro taper bars new grips and asv clutch and brake levers and I luv the thing I never want to out grow it best bike ever!!!!!!
forget the 85 get a yz 125 be
forget the 85 get a yz 125 best 125 out there and thats been proven im not just sayin this shit like alot of people on here r
both kick ass
i had a yamaha(03) and got rid of it a year ago and now i have got me a 2007 cr125 and it is sweet the shocks on it is like landing on pillows
really a 2007 125 thats a nic
really a 2007 125 thats a nice dream i have a 2003 yz 125 the only thing i dont like about the 2005,2006,2007 is that they have the 7 gears thats more shifting to do so its harder but the 2004 and 2003 and the yz 125s before that only have 6 gears including neutral of course but with less gears less hassle. u know i was reading a magazine i think i saw a 2006 suzieke 250 four stroke and it only had 4 GEARS !!!! not inclulding nuetral now that would be nice
did i miss sumthin cuz accord
did i miss sumthin cuz according to the 2007 yz125 has only 6 gears. have a peek fo yourself
Suzuki all the way BABY
I say go with the Suzuki Rm-85...i have one....its bad and my friend ride...except he has a rm100...mines been boreed out tho...they go about the same speed.
Umm well my friend has a cr 8
Umm well my friend has a cr 85 but its Big wheel because he races but im also 5 feet tall and i have a rm 85 and its little wheel and it fits me perfect so im thinking if you got a cr 85 little wheel it would fit you perfect and they ride awesome i rode my friends and it was sweet but he has a little extra done to his
i have a cr 80 and it is junk. id say buy a yamaha but its really just rider prefference. buy the bike you like the most instead of the bike some one here said you should get. o ya and unbeatable racer neautral doesnt count as a gear dum ass and the new yamy's are 6 gears witch is the best . you have a gear for everything. the only reason that rm-z 250 has 4 gears is because its a 4 stroke and 4 strokes build most of their power at low rpm so it wouldnt matter if it was revved up or not. the 2 strokes are opposite and thats why they have so many gears
differnt bike differnt things
Honda's, KTM's,Yamaha's, Kawasaki's,Suzuki's, and other brands thier for differnt things. KTM's are for woods riding and enduro's, hare scrambles, and GNCC races. Honda's are more of an inbetween bike but have great relibility and come evenly tuned. Suzuki's are more of a motocross bike as well as half the yamaha's are but with only certin models as well with woods im not sure about the position on kawasaki's thier good for everything
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<P>hondas are by far the best, KTMs are crap... except their 50s...they're awesome.</P> <P>&nbsp;</P>
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