Husqvarna announces Enduro Price Reduction

As part of Husqvarna Australia’s commitment to ensuring the competitiveness of the Husqvarna brand, a considerable price reduction has been announced for all 2005 TE250, TE450, and TE510 enduro models.

The changes are as follows:

Model - Old Retail - New Retail
TE250 - $11,490 - $10,990
TE450 - $12,290 - $11,590
TE510 - $12,690 - $11,990

All prices are +ORC

“We (Paul Feeney Group) have spent a great deal of time and effort in ensuring the Husqvarna brand is competitive in the price sensitive off-road market. In addition to the price reduction of the TE models, we have also reduced the prices of a considerable range of spare parts across the entire Husqvarna range

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