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hey guys i just got an orion 125cc abg 29 pro series and it's idoling way way to high. do you know what to do?

Its prob cause ur trottle cab
Its prob cause ur trottle cable is to tight or something to do with your carb. At the top of ur trottle were the cable goes in u will see a little adjuster and if you dont have that witch would be strange, look along the trottle cable and you should see a metal part witch should be around a size 8 spanner and u can tightn or losin the cable inj ur case losin and it should drop down revs.
Go to your local mechanic and
Go to your local mechanic and ask him he will probably say your valves need adjusted
Check if your throttle cable
<p>Check if your throttle cable is not too tight and check the idle scre on your carby : )</p>
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