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are ktm's or hondas better to ride for power

hay it depends wat bike ur ge
hay it depends wat bike ur gettin i got a ktm 85 and it goes like an absulute bullit so a ktm all the way
what model
what model is yours coz my mate has a cr 85 and thats pritty good but im looking at 125's aswell
its a 2005 modle and iv been
its a 2005 modle and iv been realy pushin it and its a bullit even when i dont
moto man got it right KTM all the way honda scrap
ktm i say i got a ktm125
i got mates wiv cr125's i wipe my arse wiv em...or am i a blessed rider
wateva ya rekon wanker.
trust me if u race a ktm 125 sc against a cr125 the ktm will have it in power and handerling i got a ktm250sx and it kills cr250s
i say ktms
i have a ktm sx 125 and it pisses allover any sr ive ever been on and i like the riding and handling capability of it and the clutch and gear box are beautiful Ride it like u stole it
i am a big yz fan but yeah ktm best made engine for a motocross bike and are the fastest, i wanna get one in a bit.
ktm's kick ass
ktm's kick ass over cr's kx;s or rm's and yz;s you have to remember ktm's are eoropean made like anything else made there they are always better made and designed. But i would not say that the other manufacturers are shit that is rediculous.
yeh i lov the hidrolic clutch
yeh i lov the hidrolic clutch its awsome
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