Merriman builds a strong Overall lead in Italian Enduro Champs

The fourth round of Italian Enduro Champs was held in the small village of Bosio, just north of the port city Genova. Merriman returned to top form after struggling with Flu and fever in the third round. In cooler than expected, dry conditions Merriman returned to the top of the podium to claim another victory from nearest rival in the championship, Simone Albergoni. After a two week break since the last World Enduro Round in Spain, Merriman has worked hard to make improvements to his bike setup to best suit enduro conditions. His changes were consolidated as he took victory in 6 of the 10 special tests, despite crashing in two tests.
There was one cross test in a cut grassy paddock which became extremely dusty as the day progressed. The enduro test was fast, long and rocky mostly on 4wd trails. The extreme was a series of up and downhills in shaly rock.

About the day Merriman said,

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