Motocross returns to the Hastings Sunday

THIS Sunday motorcycle racing will make a welcome return to the local area with the Hastings Valley Motorcycle Club holding the first event at their new complex.
The "Hastings Valley Motorcycle Raceway" will be the venue for a new concept which is called a Club Day Sprint.

This fancy new facility is located on the Cowarra Dam Access Road,adjacent to the Go-Kart track, just off the Pacific Highway near Houston Mitchell Drive. Some construction works are still in progress and the Motocross Track is expected to be completed next month.
There has been a team of volunteers constructing the track for this Sprint Series over the past few weekends.

This race is conducted on an Enduro Track with riders being flagged away at 20 second intervals.
Each lap is around 18 minutes long with riders completing one lap and when the whole field has finished, they repeat the process again.

It is expected that each rider will get at least 5 laps in for the day and the rider with the fastest overall times on the day is the winner.

It has been a while since we have held a race meeting and we may be a bit rusty at first. All riders are asked to be early for sign-on, with the gates being unlocked at around 7.30am. Practice will commence at 9 and racing is planned to start at 10. The canteen will be operational on the day so you really don't need anything but a bike, some riding gear and the right licences.

The construction activities last weekend concentrated on the car park area and we are indebted to local contractors for their assistance.

We would like to thank Bartlett Haulage, Bridle Earthmoving, Neil Eggert, Alan Duck, Pat Murray, Trevor Gilbert and Bill Armitage for their help with this project.

There are still plenty of things to do before the raceday so members are asked to come out on Saturday to lend a hand.

If you would like to see some great motorcycle entertainment this Sunday, head on out to the new raceway where the action will be virtually non-stop from around 10.

Just head about 5 km south from the Big Donut and follow the signs to the track.

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