need advice to get some

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need advice to get some

i have a problem. my girlfriend lives about 15min away, and my only way to get there is to ride my bike. i know of no trails that run near her house, and im thinking about just riding on the road. ive heard from people that police dont really care, but id like some more advice, and i need it quick cuz the weekend's comming up fast;-)

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dirt bike

live 15 min away man your on a motorcycle make a trail. i mena you can go around trees, you dont need a road.

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police do care in different a

police do care in different aeas so ask people around where u live, remember this is a u.s. web site

Pig town

I live in Palmer, Alaska.. most people would consider alaska a far out state, perhaps where people have a little more freedom? truth is every state is ruled by the federal goverment, and they're ball busters. I used to drive on the roads of non-city regions just when the trail was too shitty or people put logs in the way, and a Cop pulled me over for it... luckily I told him it was my first time on the road and that I didn't know it wasn't legal, so he let me off with a warning, I have a route of trails that leads to my girlfriends house but there is a small section that is all pavement/city region, so I just say screw it and go for it.. I reccomend looking around for cops, if you see one, then it is legal to push your bike across the road (although a LOT MORE DANGEROUS) so be cautious of traffic wait for the dushbag cop to go on his marry way, then hop back on your bike and ride the rest of the way.

yeah i would watch out for co

yeah i would watch out for cops there is tons where i ride i had my bike about for 4 weekends now and int hat time i saw about 3 cops that looked at me when i was on a road, they jsut looked and kept going but its the country so...


Obviously, if the police didn't care, why are they police then?

And if you don't have your drivers license yet, and you get cought riding beside, and especially on the road, you will not get your license 'till you're 21.

And your bike will be confiscated.

On the other hand, if you do have a license, you will lose it.

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