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can anyone help i was wondering whats a better bike im shy of 5'0 and 14 and was wondering i want on over all good bike but a fast one should i get a ttr125 or a crf100..? 14

i would go with the tt-r

i would go with the tt-r

yer the ttr

The ttr r good bikes if ur a keen rider go for the ttr230 its a great bike especialy trail riding. Im 14 years old and iv got a 230

i ve got the ttr 230 and my b

i ve got the ttr 230 and my bro has the crf 230 and i also have a ttr 125 all are great bikes but if u r 5'0 u should go for the 125 a 230 is just to big for u and if it falls its a 248lb bike and its not easy to pick up put the 125 can keep up with the 230 ok and it does great on trails and tough as nails so get the ttr125L its about 300 more than the stander 125 but the extra hight realy makes sure u grow into it

wow your a short little guy a

wow your a short little guy arent yea well them 230s weigh to much and personly i hate them unless the only riding you do is single track trail riding i am 14 to and i have a yz 125 before i had an xr 100 i hated that bike and alot times i rode my dads ttr 225 it sucked so unless u already have got one u should be gettin a cr or rm or kx 85 i think the cr 85 expert would be good for you and you would room to grow into it

Seriously if you like power e

Seriously if you like power even a little bit dont get TTR!!!! they are so crap im 14 and i went for a ride on my cousins TTR 230 it was sooooo boring only fucken whimps would ride that crap!!! i reckon you should try the CR or even a YZ 80 or 125 still pretty fast bikes! im looken at gettin a CRF 230 but then i heard they havnt got that much power so now i might get YZ but uno im not sure but DONT get a TTR!!! they are a piece of crap..

case xox

hey, dont listen to me when i

hey, dont listen to me when i said all that was wrong ok! i recently got 2 06 TTR 230's and they go really well lol, so yeah im sorry i was wrong
case xo

go wit a 230

now i ride a cr250 but my first bike was a 230 and it was a good bike. Never broke down

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