Race tech KLX/DRZ 110 Shocks

From Race Tech News

Hi Folks,

Since the 4-stroke mini craze hit here we've been bombarded with requests to produce complete replacement shocks. We have been designing, testing, and producing complete state-of-the-art mini bike shocks for over a year now and we've won a lot of races working with Two Brothers Racing.

The shocks are machined out of Hard-Anodized Billet Aluminum. They're rebuildable and revalvable with external compression adjustability that actually works! Since these bikes have no linkage they require a special progressively wound spring. The shock has a trick remote reservoir and has the same proven Gold Valve technology used throughout our product line. The shocks fit the stock swingarm and increase travel by a little over an inch for added cush.

I guarantee you will be blown away with their performance!

Good Luck and Great Riding,

Paul Thede

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