Vertucci Performance Equipment

Fred Vertucci has been winning races and promoting VPE from the time he could enter races. At the age of nine, Fred started designing and building mini bikes. As he reached the age of 12, he became an accomplished snowmobile racer. As he learned more about engines, Fred started putting reed valves on two-stroke engines. All this before he reached the age of seventeen.

When Fred turned seventeen, he began racing flat track motorcycles. Then in his first full year of racing, he won 33 straight races. Since Fred knew what it took to win races, he began modifying the bikes more and more to produce faster and more powerful engines.

By the time he was eighteen, he was already porting his own engines and winning championships on them. It didn’t take long for Fred to catch the eye of the factories and, in 1975, he started his pro career. As a factory Can-Am rider, Fred battled with the best and consistently finished in the top ten.

Through his years, Fred has raced with the best. Not many people can say they battled with Roger Decoster and Donnie Hansen. Fred not only considers these years as great racing experience, but years of learning. Fred has taken all of this experience and knowledge, and developed proven engine porting techniques. His bikes have beaten the current factory teams into the first turn consistently and has given VPE riders solid top ten starts at the AMA Nationals.

Fred has also developed his own style of suspension valving, which has given riders all across the country better control and feel from their bikes in all kinds of racing conditions. As anyone can see, Fred has dedicated his life to turning motorcycles into perfect racing machines. Recently, he has also developed a single stage carbon fiber reed. This reed not only gives the riders excellent response and power, but also outlives the competitors' reeds. Fred’s experience in racing and engine building is unparallel, and the best that most companies can do to compete is to copy what he has perfected. Give VPE a call today to get the edge over the competition.

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