wanted cr85

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wanted cr85

im lookin for a cr85 good condition - running willing to pay up to about 1,000

my 2004 Honda CR85 RB Expert
<p>I have a 2004 Cr085 Rb Expert, </p><p>RB expert is an 85 with bigger suspension and bigger wheels.</p><p> But i paid $1850 for it and i&#39;ve used it maybe 8 times MAX !</p><p>I was looking for around $1500, if you could come up witht he extra $500, i could </p><p>Deliver, give you boots, thor gloves, pants, and jersey. CLEAN up (great item to get rid of smudged oil, and dirt.</p><p>Paint thinner to clean air filters. And oil for the bike. tie downs, and ramp.</p><p> Interested gimme a call at 818-621-1183 or  Make me an offer.! that&#39;s ALOT of stuff btw the way.</p><p> And it&#39;s a VERY powerful bike. It threw me off twicE!!!</p><p>Email: Volcomvt4533@yahoo.com </p>
  Hi, Are you still
<p> &nbsp; </p> <p> Hi, </p> <p> Are you still looking for CR85 do have a look at </p> <p> http://www.atbikes.com/cycle_type_model.php?MID=Honda for the bike you want. </p>
Anonymous (not verified)
<P>i have one for sale for $</P> <P>1600</P>
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