when i used to race motorcross...for team suzuki.

Me when i was running a 2001 RM 250 for Team Suzuki..This is me at 17 years old. I was running in third place when i was coming out of this berm..needless to say right after this picture was takin i hit a triple and over shot it..in which ending my career.....now im just a laid back quad rider...racing and taring shit up on the YFZ450....and some times on the banshee or blaster, but i still get my other toys out once in awhile..


Im more of a dirtbike fan but quads still kick ass.

yeah i used to be more into dirtbikes, hell i used to race them. but after my crash i couldnt ride one for about 2 years..b/c of my back being broke..thanks god it didnt paralize me, but yeah i lost my sponsorship b/c i couldn't race...but now and again i hop on some of my bikes and rip the shit out of them..but im happy with the YFZ450..

that sucks

yeah no shit...i was making anywhere from 2-4 grand a race but my little bro is following in my foot steps

is that really you?
its a pretty sik lookin pic
giver' tits

yup that is me...at 17yrs old racing motorcross in virgina for teqm Suzuki,

maybe ill be like you if i get the right bike and practice