660 Raptor vs. yfz 450

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f@ck yeah

keep the 660 alive

hey first off i'd like to say

hey first off i'd like to say the YFZ would kick the raptors ass! and i was just reading through this convo and i cant get over the guy who though the YFZ was a 2 stroke i mean...wat a wanker.... anywayz yeah

case xo

450 will win Scars mean n

450 will win

Scars mean nothing without a sweet story.

'04 CRF 250r

450 will beat 660

450 is faster then a stock raptor and will even beat it is the raptor isnt stock but im not sure of there accurat speeds!!!

no mate

i think u r getting mixed up ewith the banshee 350 thats a two stroke

Ride it like u stole

banshee vs raptor

ive seen a banshee havin a go at a raptor and even that was givin the raptor a good bit of competitionit mite of even beat it cos the rider was shit hot. keep the two stroke alive an kickin i say fuck these thudders...Ride it like u stole

54 HP YFZ450

And how do you explain the only 54 Hp out of a stroker and other parts?
How bout taking a Ron Woods Race intake, Dyno Jet Kit, and a Ron Woods full Head pipe and silincer exhaust and get 50Hp out of just bolt ons. Then go and put a 478cc Big bore kit on them and then tell me it only has 54Hp. Dumb Shit .

ur a dumbass power to weight

ur a dumbass power to weight ratio thats why the 450 will smoke the raptor common sense get some its helpfull

the yfz is a four stroke u du

the yfz is a four stroke u dumbass my frined has one find somthin out about them before you say somthing stupid ass

yeah u are right and any one

yeah u are right and any one who says that the raptors faster stock is a complete dumbass why do u think that the yfz 450 was givin the title the fastest stock production 4 wheeler its like saying a suzuki gsx-r 750
can beat a gsx-r 1000

my frined has a yfz 450 and h

my frined has a yfz 450 and hes been clocked at 84 in a 1/8 mile dirt track and all it has done to it is a dr. d pipe which makes it louder than a 96 doge viper rt/10 with cat back exhaust.

well ur frined cant fuckin dr

well ur frined cant fuckin drive that 450 will probly do that in 3rd

i must say something

i am so suprised how some of you dont know anything about how a motor works i mean jesus christ the yfz raptor discussion. that was amazing some of the stupid things some of you said. i have an idea get a service manual, go on how stuff works.com do something please because i could tell most of you dont know what the hell you are talking about. please reply to this i wont be offended you can be a dick if you want. trust me because some of you sound like complete retards who have no mechanical knowledge at all and i can tell. trust me


i officially found victim number one. you do not know what the hell you are talking about. stupid


you have just described accurate powerband characteristics of the raptor and yfz450


well we all kno that these bike are simply amazing but what are the speeds of the two and which one should u think i should get.


Ok i have 2005 Raptor and my dad has a YFZ 450 and ive found after racing him over and over, switching bikes then racing it depends on the person also cuase i kick his ass with both bikes and he has been riding for 22 years, but if i had to put money on a bike it would be the YFZ 450 its faster off the line but if you did some small things to the raptor it would fucking murder the 450.



does anyone know what they are talking about on this website

there is no way the craptor 660 is gonna beat the yfz450 , b4 u guys post stuff u should really know what the hell u guys r talking about i have a video clip of my boys yfz going neck an neck wit the new raptor 700

ok i have a raptor 700 and a

ok i have a raptor 700 and a 450 the raptor has a pipe and the 450 dosent the raptor smokes it my cousin has a piped 450 and it and the 700 are the same

the 660 raptor is a freakin p

the 660 raptor is a freakin peice of shit

the 450 is faster thats the e

the 450 is faster thats the end and y are some of u guys talkin about the bashee 2-stroke quads are gay

hey you seam to know just about everything...

yo i have the option to either get a 2006 yfz 450 or the raptor 700 and i just cant make up my mind my 05 yfz 450 recently got stollen so i know how the 05 performs and its awsome but i really need some help on this one so please get back to me on this one thanks alott

The YFZ450 100%

Ok boys.. I am a chick and 'I' KNOW that the YFZ 450 is faster... I have both... well my husband has the YFZ450 and I have a Ratpor 660R and we have raced on both bikes and no matter who is on the YFZ450 always kicks BUTT. It is built for racing while the Raptor is built more for trail riding... I mean yes it is PRETTY fast but the YFZ450 kicks ASS!!! Anyway boys... take care!!!!!

660 Raptor vs. yfz 450

the raptor 660 goes around 75-77 and the yfz is lil faster then that by like 4-5 mph im not to sure for the yfz but 100% sure on the raptor

o the raptor must have a brok

o the raptor must have a broken axle..


ya since the raptor 660 does

ya since the raptor 660 does about 120mph ya ur right



the way i see it is, about 80% of you have no clue what you are talking about. I like to think i have a pretty good knowledge on this even though i am only 15, but judging by all the trash talking before, you guys will let me know. but to properly compare, both quads MUST be COMPLETELY stock. these machines are hard to compare, the 450 yfz WILL beat a raptor 660 in acceleration, due to power/weight ratio, gearing, compression, bore/stroke, ect. but the 660, will beat the 450 in top speed, but will be slower in getting to its top speed, due to all the things i said up there. How much faster top end is, i dont know, but it is. but the new fuel injected 700R would be a closer match. i still cant get over that dumbass thinking a yfz was a 2-stroke!
please comment on this and tell me if you think i am pretty accurate,

raptors suck

Well first off I'll say that raptors suck, and second I havent found a qaud around that can keep up with my 2006 SE YFZ450 except a qaudzilla 500 that was clocked at 96mph which I hug his ass and I was clocked with the same gun at 94mph and all i have is a GYTR pipe and the jet kit.So dont tell me raptors are great b/c in all trust a YFZ450 will chew up and spit out a raptor. I know everyone has their own opinion but i know what I'm talking about I was riding dirtbike and quads sence I could walk and even raced with Travis Pastrona. So yeah over the years I have riden every ATV that was ever made and I wound have to say the YFZ450 is the most powerfull four-stroke that my ass has sat on. so yeah raptors aren't shit. And if you dont beleave me find me and race me and I'll show you which one if faster


Yeah, u know wat ur talking about, banshee killer, but raptors do not suck, YFZ is faster, at least you have an intelligent opinion banshe killer person. question tho, way off topic, if you get an K&N air filter, a jet kit, and a new full performance exhaust, will you have to bring your machine to a mechanic to get the fuel are mixture adjusted again, so it doesnt run to lean or rich???


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