Cajun Classic

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It was called the Cajun Classic but it could just as easily be called the 1000 Logs Enduro.

If you're the type of person who grades enduros by the amount of pain and suffering they inflict this one was a dandy. I'm writing this with hands that are covered in blisters, my body is one big, giant, blue/green bruise, and we won't even talk about the monkey butt. The race was held on the grounds of the former WW2 training base Camp Claiborne, near Forest Hill LA. The 23,000 acre area is under management by the US Forest Service and if you want to get a little bit of the history of Camp Claiborne I found this interesting link: http://www.campclaiborne.com.

Husqvarna’s AJ Roberts claims his maiden outright win at round one and two of the NSW Enduro series held at Gwandalan Junior Trials Facility on March 5 and 6. 22 year old Roberts who stepped up to the premier E2 class (250cc two-stroke and 450cc fourstoke) for 2005 made the journey south from Queensland to contest the titles. He set the trails alight from the outset over the two day event riding his Husqvarna WR 250 two stoke to not only the outright win but also the Pro E2 class, a feat Husqvarna hasn’t seen since back in 2000.

AJ Roberts
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Fabrizio Meoni was in a serious crash during the 11th stage of the Dakar Rally. Despite immediate medical attention, it was not possible to save Fabrizio Meoni’s life and he died of his injuries at the scene of the accident.

Due to this tragic incident the KTM management explicitly urges all KTM teams and factory riders to break off the Dakar Rally. KTM is however leaving it up to the individual drivers, teams and their sponsors to decide whether or not to continue the Rally.
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Sawmill Enduro

Posted by simon

By Mike Baxter on rec.motorcycles.dirt

I rode the Sawmill enduro on Saturday. The End......

OK, key time was at 9:00 AM and I signed up on Friday night and made my way back to Ukiah to my room at the Motel 6. Back at the motel, I put number 15T on my bike and programmed my Checkmate. Then, I finished my beer and went to sleep. I got up at 6:00, put on my gear and headed out. The first stop was for gas and coffee. I picked up a Cliff bar for breakfast, because I really don't do breakfast. During my 38 mile drive to Middle Creek camp ground I forced myself to eat the Cliff barr and sipped coffee. Once I got there I taped my score card on my fender and checked my bike over. The tires needed air if I didn't want a pinch flat. Then, I checked my steering damper tower and it needed to be tightened. &^%$%^&*!!!!!!!! One of the bolts stripped and I had to remove the damn thing. No steering damper for me. So, I'm annoyed and I take of in 30 minutes. Oh well, I put it out of my mind and start thinking about how great the conditions are right now. It had rained in the area, but not too much. I was stoked to get on the trails.

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