Getting the most from your Bike

Getting the most from your Bike

Looks like the Austin news - - have found the ultimate punishment for students not doing well enough at school. Summer Motocross School.

Actually, not a punishment at all!

More information available at the Iron Horse Country Ranch website -

I'm sure those spots will fill fast.


TE510 Gearing

Posted by simon

After Pauls Ride, I decided that the TE could handle being geared a little higher, which would also make it work less at cruising speed.

It comes standard with a 14 tooth front sprocket, and a 50 tooth rear. On purchase i'd got the 14 replaced with a 15, as I'd already heard that it was geared low.

On thumpertalk, some guys have gone to a 16 tooth front, but it can hit the shifter on downshifts.

With the popularity of four-wheel ATVs (all-terrain vehicles) continuing to grow across Australia for both sport, industry and primary production uses alike, off-road motorcycle racing legend Stephen Gall is proud to announce that the Yamaha-sponsored Stephen Gall’s ATV Safety Institute programme has shifted into top gear for the 2005 season.

Now entering its fifth year of promotion, Stephen Gall’s Yamaha ATV Safety Institute will stage ATV safe riding demonstrations and new model ATV and motorcycle displays at 17 leading agricultural and machinery Field Days around Australia (schedule follows).

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AMSOIL INC., the leader in synthetic lubricants and performance filters has added 21 new filter sizes to its Power Sports Air Filter line. AMSOIL now carries fifty different Power Sports Air Filters, allowing the company to service hundreds of dirt bike and ATV applications.

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