How to Ride in Deep/Beach Sand

  1. Dont worry about getting out of shape and looking messy, _everybody_ gets out of shape and rides messy in sand. Style in sand, is not falling off, cause when you do, if you do it properly, it gets in everwhere!
  2. Let some air out of the tyres. This might mean you've got to stop and pump em back up, or ride really slow over some rocks, but the difference on the sand is amazing!
  3. Sit further back on the bike that you normally would. For me, this means sitting about 3/4 along the seat, where usually I sit at probably 1/4 along or closer.
  4. This is hardest to remember to do when turning! You cant move forward as much as you do normally.
  5. Try and remember that you will NOT need the brakes anywhere near as much as normal, as the sand has a large resistance factor.
  6. You can turn harder than you think, as the sand deforms for your wheels, so you're building little berms whenever you turn.
  7. Never ever back off ;-) Ok, well thats a little exaggerated, but theres a certain speed where you will start to "skim" over the sand, and on smaller bikes, its really important to keep the momentum up.