Changing Rear Sprocket

If you want to change the gearing to gear the bike lower or higher, it will take about 10-15 minutes if you've done it before, maybe an hour if its the first time. Click here for more information on gearing ratios.

To start with, purchase an appropriate sized sprocket for your machine from a bike shop, and then:

  • undo the rear axle nut, warning - this can be hard to do
  • remove the rear axle (this allows the rear wheel to move forward)
  • move the wheel far enough forward so that you can pull the chain off to the side
  • remove the rear wheel from the bike completely
  • undo the sprocket bolts and remove the old sprocket
  • clean the area around the wheel where the old sprocket was to ensure the new one fits nicely
  • put the new sprocket on
  • we recommend using some loctite on the sprocket bolts when you put them back in
  • use a torque wrench to tension the bolts as per the manufacturers manual
  • adjust the chain to suit, again as per the manual

If you've significantly reduced the size of the rear sprocket, you may need to remove a link from the rear chain, Alternatively, if you've increased the size, you may need to add a link to the chain.