Riding Tips


A fairly safe way to practice and learn to ride rough terrain is to find a washout down a dirt road. You know, about a foot wide and eight to ten inches deep that meanders its way down the road. Try slowly riding down it while standing up and pay particular attention to what it is making the bike do. Soon enough, you and the bike will become one and you'll start having fun with it. Try entering and leaving the rut, on demand and go both directions. Going uphill and downhill totally changes the center of gravity and weight displacement of the bike and you. Your balance, control and confidence will go out the top. You will develop quicker reflexes and body-english to counter the actions of the bike. If you get thrown off, at least the rest of the road is flat for you to land on instead of rocks and branches. It's a good workout too.
In the future, I bet you'll find yourself looking for this stuff instead of avoiding it. Try it!


Dave T.